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Our Surfboards

High-performance surfboards

Our performance series shortboard models were developed to maintain the highest performance level in any condition.

Which are the best models for high performance in demanding surf?

The ideal boards for demanding surf have plenty of rocker (bottom contour) to be more responsive to the wave shape and enable more vertical maneuvers, while having narrow tails that assist in executing maneuvers and turns.

We recommend the models: The Slicer e Overall.

What are the models that offer good stability without compromising performance?

Surfers who are looking for an all-around, friendlier, and comfortable board that maintains performance should look for a wider outline with additional nose and width in the middle.

We recommend the models: Sweetspot e UFO.

Looking for that ideal summer board for weaker and fatter conditions?

We recommend our Modern Fish model. it’s a very versatile board that works well from 1 foot to 6 feet. 

Another model we recommend is the Thumbs Up.

All our boards are available in polyurethane (PU) or epoxy (EPS), with the option of being set up as a thruster or quad, offering great versatility. Take a look at our range of models and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or doubts.

Having any doubts between polyurethane foam (polyester resin) or EPS foam (epoxy resin)?

Boards made from PU (polyester resin) are the most common choice globally, especially among professional surfers.

This is because they provide a more predictable and consistent feel under your feet. PU boards have a slower flex pattern due to their higher foam density, making them suitable for various wave conditions.

On the other hand, EPS foam is laminated with epoxy resin.  EPS boards are lighter, more durable, and more resistant to foot pressure deformation.

However, their lighter weight has a drawback, as they may not be ideal for bigger, heavier surf, especially when the wave surface is bumpy. Due to the lack of weight, EPS foam has a harder time absorbing impact, which can result in the bumps being transferred to the surfer’s legs. PU boards, on the other hand, handle bumps on the wave surface more effectively.

Fish and twin fin surfboards

Get to know our retro fish (old school fish) and twin fins. All these models are great for drawing classic lines but with a modern feel.

The classic twin fin fish

The classic twin fin fish Classic Twin and Curvalicious, were developed to be used with keel fins. they are inspired by the first models of the late and great Steve Lis. The classic fish is very fast and good on weaker waves. the widened tail has a greater space between fins giving the surfer more back foot support while creating drive. the deep swallow is a key feature in the board’s functionality offering more maneuverability as the water flows within it, having more release. 

The flatter tail rocker is great for speed management and flow, but we added a nose rocker to avoid curling in steeper parts of the wave.

The difference between quad and twin retro fish surfboards

The keel fin twin has a more classic surf experience compared to the quad. this is due to the water pressure that flows easier through quad fins than the large area keel fin. That makes the quad more performance-oriented and loser than its keel counterpart. 

The Twin keel has fluid speed management through turns,  carrying momentum, and generating projection. If you want to learn more about it, read our how to choose a fish surfboard article.

Upright Twin fin surfboards

For the surfer that wants to try a modern and agile twin fin that resembles a performance shortboard, we recommend the 80s Twin, which is a modern take on the classic 80s performance twinnies made timeless by Mark Richards e Ben Aipa. 

Our Duo Diamond also is a great choice for someone looking for a well-balanced and comfortable surfboard.

In most cases, surfboards with upright twin fins have a more performance-oriented surf because of their accentuated rocker and narrower tails. 

If you want to understand more about twin fin surfboards check out our article on how to choose a twin fin.

Single fin surfboards

The single fin surfboard offers a relaxed surfing experience. It is the type of board that sets the rhythm on the wave. Forget about rushing through your wave; this down-the-line board is perfect for executing open and classic arcs. These boards are fast in a straight line due to reduced drag caused by having only one fin. To maintain looseness for curves and maneuvers, try positioning your foot slightly in front of the fin.

Have you ever surfed on a single fin before? Check out what legend Rob Machado has to say about it single fins here.

Mid Length Surfboards

Mid-length surfboards were developed for the surfer who wants a board with good buoyancy, not too small but not as big as a longboard.

This style of board, ranging from 6’6″ to 8’0″, is ideal for those seeking a surfing style that combines performance and classic elements while still maintaining maneuverability and the ability to perform footwork and have glide. The larger the board, the greater the buoyancy, paddle power, and glide as it flows through the wave. Conversely, a smaller board will be more maneuverable and agile.

For surfers looking for a board with a classic single fin feel but with modern touches, the Space Cruiser model is recommended, with its narrow tail and the option of a single fin with or without stabilizers.

If you want a more performance-oriented board, agile with quicker edge transitions, we recommend our Duo Diamond Mid Length twin fin model.

Our models for weaker and fuller waves would be the Spearfish and The Alternative.

Mid-length surfboards are extremely versatile, and depending on the model, they can be suitable for a great variety of waves. Just see what surfer Torren Martyn can do with this type of board in the video below.

Longboard (Log)

Our longboard surfboards, which can be single fins or single fins with stabilizers, have that relaxed surfing that immediately sends you back to the origins of modern surfing and the Californian dream of the 1960s and 1970s.
Our California model has a more distributed and clean outline, ideal for maneuvers and walks to the nose. The Noserider model has more area and a deep single concave in the nose, ideal for hanging five and hanging ten in smaller and weaker conditions, while the Piggy Glider model has more volume close to the tail as if it were kind of a “waist”, this volume pulled further back helps to generate forward projection. Access the respective models and read more about them to find your desired glide.

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