Our fish and twin fin surfboards

Get to know our retro fish surfboards and twin fin surfboards, all of them are designed to provide classic lines while maintaining versatility and performance.
Our keel fin fish surfboard (or quad fin fish), are inspired by its inventor, Steve Lis. These surfboards provide very fast and excellent surfing in less powerful waves, their wider tail generates a lot of space between the fins, which helps to create drive and speed, but the deep swallow tail makes it easier to do turns, as the water flows easier through it.
The ’80s twin model is a recreation of the typical 1980s twin fin surfboard, popularized by Mark Richards and Ben Aipa. This board is more agile and high-performance because of their accentuated rocker and narrower tail.

We deliver to: Queensland – New South Wales – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise – Burleigh Heads – Coolangatta – Tweed Heads South – Byron Bay