Performance series

Modern high-performance surfboards, available in PU or Epoxy (EPS).

Retro series

Retro fish, twin fins and single fins surfboard inspired by the '70s and '80s. With touches of modernity, they provide a versatile, yet classic surf.

Longboard Series

Longboard surfboards with outlines inspired by the single fins of the '60s and '70s.


$895.00 $795.00


$895.00 $795.00


$895.00 $795.00

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Our Surfboards

High-performance surfboards

The “High-performance” series surfboard models have been developed to always maintain a high level of maneuverability and performance in waves, from the most powerful and hollowest waves to the weakest waves.
You will find models for all types of waves, surfboards in Polyurethane (PU) and Epoxy (EPS foam) which can be used as thrusters and quads, thus providing a greater variety of use. Access the models, read their specs and have fun.

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Fish and twin fin surfboards

Get to know our retro fish surfboards and twin fin surfboards, all of them are designed to provide a more versatile and performance surf, but yet, classic.
Our keel fin fish surfboard (or quad fin fish), are inspired by its inventor, Steve Lis. These surfboards provide very fast and excellent surfing in less powerful waves, their wider tail generates a lot of space between the fins, which helps to create drive and speed, but the deep swallow tail makes it easier to do curves, as the water flow easier through it.
The ’80s twin model it’s a re-read of the typical 1980s twin fin surfboard, popularized by Mark Richards and Ben Aipa. These surfboards have a more agile and high-performance surf, because of their accentuated rocker and a narrower tail.

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Single fin surfboards

The single fin surfboard provides more relaxed surfing, they are the ones that dictate the rhythm in the wave, forget wanting to get ahead rushing to maneuver, this board is to let it go down the face of the wave and perform maneuvers with more open and classic arcs.
These boards gain a lot of speed in a straight line precisely because they have only one fin, which helps to generate less drag, try to position the foot always a little forward from where the fin is positioned, this way the board will become looser for curves and maneuvers.
Have you never surfed on a single before? Check out what legend Rob Machado has to say about single fins here.

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Longboard Surfboards

Our longboard surfboards, which can be a single fin or single fin with stabilizer, provide more relaxed surfing, which immediately refers to the origins of surfing and the Californian scenario of the 1960s and 1970s.

Our California model has a more distributed and clean outline, ideal for maneuvers and walks to the nose. Noserider model has more area and a deep single concave in the nose, ideal for hang five and hang ten, while the Glider model has more “fill” close to the tail, as if it were kind of a “waist”, this volume pulled further back helps to generate forward projection. Access the respective models and read more about them.

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