Single Fin Surfboards

Custom single fin surfboards in California.

We offer delivery service to: San Diego – Encinitas – Oceanside – San Clemente – Newport Beach – Huntington Beach – Orange County – Santa Monica – Malibu – Ventura – Santa Barbara – Monterey – Santa Cruz – San Francisco

Single fin surfboards

The single fin surfboard has a relaxed surfing experience, they are the ones that dictate the rhythm in the wave, forget rushing your wave, this is a down-the-line board great for maneuvers with open and classic arcs. These boards are fast in a straight line because of the reduced drag of the only fin. Try to position your foot always a little in front of where the fin is positioned, this way the board will stay loose for curves and maneuvers.
Ever surfed on a single fin before? Check out what legend Rob Machado has to say about single fins here.

What’s the ideal fin size for single fin surfboards?

Firstly, we recommend the fin outline created by George Greenough. and for every foot of board, we recommend adding an inch.

Up to 7 feet – 7 inches

Up to 8 feet – 8 inches

Up to 9 feet – 9 inches

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