Our Longbards

Our longboard surfboards, which can be a single fin or single fin with stabilizer, provide more relaxed surfing, which immediately refers to the origins of surfing and the Californian scenario of the 1960s and 1970s.

Our “California” model has a more distributed and clean outline, ideal for maneuvers and walks to the nose. “Noserider” has more area and a deep single concave in the nose, ideal for hang five and hang ten, while the “Glider” model has more “fill” close to the tail, as if it were kind of a “waist”, this volume pulled further back helps to generate forward projection. Access the respective models and read more about them.

Surfboards made in Costa Mesa, California.

We offer delivery service to: San Diego – Encinitas – Oceanside – San Clemente – Newport Beach – Huntington Beach – Santa Monica – Malibu – Ventura – Santa Barbara – San Francisco