About Us

Hello, my name is Guilherme Vilas Boas, I am a Designer, shaper, and creator of 1974 surfboards. I surf and have loved surfboards for over 20 years.

Since I decided to try different types of boards, I realized that it was a never-ending path. I found out that for me, surfing is too special to spend my whole life expressing myself in the same way, using the same kind of craft, drawing the same lines, and limiting something that should have endless possibilities.

Surfboards are all about form and function, not just does the outline has to be eye-catching, it needs to have a perfect blend of rocker, rails, and bottom contours to create a surfboard that looks good and ride well. 

That’s why I invite you to discover different types of boards and be part of the same experience, expanding your possibilities and perceptions in the water, and most importantly, having more fun.

Meet 1974 Surfboards.

Our goals

Our surfboards are always developed with maximum attention and dedication, we just love them.


We focus on quality and we only use quality materials that can provide years of fun. We make our surfboards in The Heart of Glass glassing factory, synonymous in reliability.

Resin Tint

Surfboards are true works of art, that’s why we use resin tint glassing for our boards, this technique keeps the color alive for a long time because they do not fade with sun exposure.

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